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Senior Engineering

Who we're looking for

Since “senior” can mean many different things, “senior” in our case, means someone who can lead by individual example, is a team player, and facilitates good practices throughout the team. You are flexible, proactive, communicate clearly, have consistent follow through, and take ownership and responsibility over your projects  and wider responsibilities.

You do things “the right way” - whether this means solving a problem in an innovative way or having the judgment to not reinvent the wheel and use a practical approach when called for. You produce work that is organized and methodical. You are hungry to continuously learn new concepts. You’re excited about new technologies and inclined to work on complex problems. You're mildly obsessed with efficiency, processes, and automation. As a proactive team member, you strive to systematize or eliminate all repetitive tasks.

If you focus on backend, you excel at building robust backends capable of supporting high loads, but also have the experience to balance business needs to avoid “over engineering” at smaller scales.

If you focus on frontend, you not only excel at building well-architected, modular frontends in JavaScript, but also have a product / usability-driven mindset.

Where we expect you
to contribute


You have the opportunity to work on exciting and innovative projects. Code for us isn’t just the number of lines you commit. It includes working in all aspects of the product - from ideation, development, documentation, deployment, and beyond.  

Your solid understanding of several languages and databases makes you a flexible resource for medium to highload projects, and your grasp of business needs allows you to influence the look, feel, and functions of applications.

Best Practices and Processes

Your primary contribution is code, but you're willing to facilitate best practices and processes to ensure development efficiency. You help incrementally improve processes and contribute to documentation. As a senior engineer, you are a role model for how our engineering team should run and are critical to projects running smoothly.

Team Mentorship

We have motivated, hungry, energized team members who are eager to learn and have enough collective experience inside and outside the team to understand their capabilities and which areas they need to improve on. They value coaching and learning from their peers and their seniors. These team members are not the kind who need to be micromanaged. You will be joining a group of seniors who are invested in their development.

Family Values

Our team works because we also treat everyone as part of an extended family and emphasize the importance of having strong values. You have a work / life integration that works for you and how we work at SVI. Our team members are in it for the long run - they remain part of the extended SVI family throughout their careers.

Tech Stack

Technologies you want to be working with

We are looking for T-shaped people who have strong computer science fundamentals, have deep technical expertise in their core area, and are ready and willing to work flexibly in new areas. We are particularly interested in talking to new team members that have depth in one or some of the following areas:


  1. Strong in JavaScript

  2. Ready to work in React.js or React Native

  3. Proficient in CSS/HTML

  4. SEO and AMP experience a plus but not required

  5. Native mobile experience a plus but not required


  1. Strong in Ruby on Rails or Node.js

  2. Ready to work with GraphQL

  3. Strong backend architecture and best practices

  4. Familiarity with latest backend architecture methodsoservices

We also appreciate new team members who are familiar or have experience working with the tools below or are ready to learn them for development!

Cloud Infrastructure:

  1. AWS including services like Lambdas, Elastic Beanstalk, API Gateway, Kinesis, and Athena

  2. Heroku

  3. Terraform

  4. CircleCI

  5. And others

Other Tools:

  1. Git and Github

  2. Expo

  3. Firebase

  4. Docker


  6. Mixpanel

  7. Amplitude

  8. And others

What we offer

Sound like a fit?
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