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Business Development Lead

We are looking for a business development lead who personifies SVI core values to give and "make people and things better than we found them" and is ready to work with our founder and executive team to grow, care for, and add value to our clients, prospects, and wider network with the goal of taking a high impact leadership role in the long term.

We are looking for a team member who:

  • Leads as a professional “Giver” always with others at the top of their mind

  • Acts from a servant leader perspective

  • Embodies the SVI value of “make people and things better than we found them” in every interaction.

  • Personifies deep empathy, situational awareness, and EQ

  • Clear, organized critical thinking and written communication

  • Has the capacity to solve challenging problems for our clients, prospects, and network while working with in a cross-functional team

  • Epitomizes scrappiness, self-direction, and self-motivation

You'll have the opportunity to take a role where you:

  • Have a professional mandate to meet new people and help others succeed

  • Work closely with our founder and senior executives in a high leverage role to intimately understand and grow our business

  • Build strong relationships with C-suite operators, high networth investors, and critical connectors in SVI’s network (CEOs, CTOs, P&L owners, Eng Mgrs, Venture Capitalists…)

  • Learn how to scale a fast paced business across functions (business, product, operations, and engineering)

  • Take responsibility limited only by your own ability to grow to eventually lead a section of our business or one of the businesses spun out of the company

You'll be responsible to shadow, execute, systemize and eventually train others on the following:

  • Intimately understand SVI’s value proposition, capabilities, and value add to clientsReach out to potential and existing prospects and connectors to build relationships

  • Learn and understand them on a professional and personal level on videos calls, over the phone, in person, and (occasionally) email/social media

  • Uncover and intimately grok their company’s and their own challenges and unmet needs. Hunt and probe for BIG, hairy problems (and how to solve them).

  • Find ways to add value right away by helping them meet those challenges through introducing them to people, resources, and insights from SVI and our network or beyond

  • Grow their relationship to be one with SVI as a whole to have multiple touch points with SVI and our network

  • Check in regularly to see how we can help them / add value and keep our help and services at the top of their mind for when they are appropriate

  • Work with clients to develop solutions to their challenges with the SVI team

  • Ensure a successful client relationship through the implementation of solutions with the SVI team

  • Maintain an organized tracking of relationshipsIncorporate feedback from relationship building to iterate on our positioning, marketing, and content (thought leadership, blog posts, BD collateral) to deliver value to our customers

What we offer

Unmatched learning opportunities with world class team members who have worked at  Stanford, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Samsung, HP, and others

Flexible work hours - our team is 100% remote, which means you can work from anywhere and at flexible times; you will (almost) always have someone on your team online with you

Work on meaningful client projects that create value for our customers’ businesses and internal products that create value for our team

Flat and open organizational structure with family-like relationships

Chance to explore new things - new industries, new projects, new technologies, new tools

Competitive salary relative to your skill level, autonomy, and capability to add value to the team. There is opportunity for yearly evaluations and performance-based growth