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Who we're looking for

We’re looking for individuals with a growth mindset, who are passionate about learning, and approach work fearlessly. You are someone who makes up for experience by learning quickly, thinking critically, communicating actively, and contributing proactively. You understand personal responsibility and how your role lends to the success of critical projects and the larger objectives of the company. Plus if you have projects to show off.

You ask a lot of questions and actively work towards moving the project forward. You go the extra mile by taking time on your own to ramp up technical skills and reaching out to team members for help. You are not afraid to take on new challenges with grit, passion, and determination to accelerate your learning path.

You’re excited to be part of an environment that encourages this and is invested in you for the long-run.

If you focus on frontend, you not only excel at building well-architected, modular frontends in JavaScript, but also have a product/usability-driven mindset.

Where we expect you
to contribute


With the guidance and mentorship of senior members of the team, you will have the opportunity to contribute in building top-of-the-line applications. You will be exposed to a wide range of projects, put your problem-solving skills to practice, build robust applications, and write maintainable code efficiently.

To reach that level of caliber, you are expected to:

  • Learn new technologies whenever necessary

  • Welcome (and ask for!) feedback, process that feedback, and turn it to action with a growth mindset

  • Collaborate with team members through pair programming and code reviews

Consistency and proactiveness are key values in ensuring high-value contributions to the team.

Best Practices and Processes

You will be working closely with other engineers so standardized processes and proper documentation are essential. Our senior team members will help mentor you with measures to maintain quality and robustness of applications, and you are expected to be vigilant in ensuring that these processes are applied across the team by adhering to acceptance criteria in pushing code, maintaining good test coverage, and writing good documentation.

Family Values

Our team works because we also treat everyone as part of an extended family and emphasize the importance of having strong values. You have a work / life integration that works for you and how we work at SVI. Our team members are in it for the long run - those invested in the team remain part of the extended SVI family throughout their careers.

Tech Stack

Technologies you want to be working with

We look to work with and develop T-shaped people who build strong computer science fundamentals, build deep technical expertise in their core area, and are ready and willing to work flexibly in new areas.

We value a product-driven mindset to solve business problems and a proactiveness to learn as much as traditional experience.

Here are some examples of some technology our team currently uses. We don’t expect you to know every language, but we do expect you to be comfortable ramping up in any of these areas:


  1. JavaScript

  2. React.js

  3. React Native

  4. CSS and HTML


  1. Ruby

  2. Node.js

  3. GraphQL

  4. Python

Cloud Infrastructure:

  1. AWS including services like Lambdas, Elastic Beanstalk, API Gateway, Kinesis, and Athena

  2. Heroku

  3. Terraform

  4. CircleCI

Other Tools:

  1. Git and Github

  2. Expo

  3. Firebase

  4. Docker


  6. Mixpanel

  7. Amplitude

What we offer

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