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An SVI Whitepaper

Hardware companies must adapt to the new customer demands for software solutions.
How hardware companies are using software to create value and rise above their competition.
Hardware manufacturers are living in a software-obsessed world. As a mobile and application product developer, we’ve noticed both particular challenges and competing opportunities for using software in the hardware market. With this white paper, we’ve compiled our findings and expertise to guide hardware manufacturers on the best practices for strategically leveraging software in their businesses.

Months of industry-specific research and firsthand experience have led to our expert white paper on how hardware manufacturers can thrive with software. Within the paper, we discuss the following:

Core definitions for understanding the software landscape as a hardware manufacturer
Opportunities and threats presented by software applications to hardware manufacturers
Unique challenges in the hardware industry that impact the use of software
A step-by-step guide to using software successfully in the hardware industry

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