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Our Story


Living the Dream: From enthusiastic technologists to passionate agents of change

T‍oday, technology stakes could not be higher. In an ever-changing, ever-accelerating digital world, our commitment is to help our clients solve their toughest business problems and leverage their biggest opportunities so they not only survive but thrive and build their future. 

Founded in 2014, SVI has grown from a small team of scrappy computer-science students pushing the limits of the latest technologies in our Stanford dorm rooms to a professional technology consulting firm of business strategists, software engineers, and product designers providing end-to-end technology consulting services from around the world. 

Much has changed since our founding, but what has not changed and will never change is the passion and commitment we all have for bringing the most advanced engineering capabilities to our clients and creating world-class products.

We would love to get to know you. In the meantime, get to know us.

We are a values-driven organization that never forgets why we do what we do.



Our Purpose

To make complex things simple


Our Vision

To build a professional services firm that will bring 1,000 ideas to life and create transformational outcomes at scale for our clients.


Our Mission

To drive business value in every interaction with our clients, provide meaningful careers and professional satisfaction for our people, and operate a profitable business.

Our values and mission drive the way we work with you. We do it with you, not to you.

The Right Governance, Done the Right Way

Governance is not a synonym for inflexibility or strict processes that limit creativity and innovation. We work with you to put the right governance in place to keep our teams disciplined and focused on project strategy and outcomes, all while providing the freedom to apply critical thinking and flexible decision making.


We believe that without a clear and defined destination, any road will do. With that in mind, we start every engagement with clearly defined and mutually agreed-upon outcomes. We document these outcomes and desired results, both quantifiably and subjectively. What separates us from our competitors is that we ensure all team members stay focused throughout the engagement on those outcomes and results and measure project success on the degree to which we achieved them.


We know that every successful project must be cocreated. Successful cocreation and partnering start and end with establishing trust. With this in mind, we ensure complete transparency—for good or bad—across all project stages. You will always know what is happening now, what will happen next, and the rationale for the decision being made.

Collaboration at Our Core

While we have the very best strategists, program managers, project managers, and product managers in the business, we are focused on doing it with you, not to you. We work in blended teams that leverage your expertise, grow your team’s skills through shadowing and knowledge sharing, and, when requested, help you find the talent you need in house to be successful.

We Have Your Back

We want to be your long-term trusted advisor. To earn that position means that we must first listen. Beyond listening, we are not afraid to have uncomfortable conversations when it benefits your business. We will not follow accepted norms, standards, or conditions when they are not in your best interest.

Sharing Risk and Reward

We look for ways to partner that go beyond just talk. We put our skin in the game by finding creative ways to assume financial risk, and benefit from quantifiable project rewards.

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