Connected IoT Health Coaching

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Powering smart coaching behind world-class athletes

Design and development of an IoT enabled smart coach platform for a team of world champion endurance athletes.


The Challenge

Our client was a team of world-class endurance athletes, coaches, and performance researchers. They had deep knowledge in their field and researched market demand, but little experience building sophisticated web and mobile applications. They needed a trusted partner to translate their vision for bringing high touch training employed by the world’s top endurance athletes to a wider group of dedicated competitors to reality.


The Solution

Our engineering and design team worked closely with our client’s subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive, dynamic, personalized training platform delivered to athletes through a mobile app and chatbot, connected to real-time wearable IoT data, and automated by an AI and human-in-the-loop system.


Our Approach

We worked with our client on:

  • User stories to translate complex subject matter expert requirement into an incremental application roadmap
  • UI and UX Design of a multi-user platform for consumers, coaches, and administrators
  • Sophisticated architecture including: a combined AI and human-in-the-loop automation system; multi-user, bot-enabled, AI expandable chat system; a serializable, extensible dialogue state machine; and a dynamic, multi-time zone scheduling and calendar system 
  • Integration and data ingestion of real-time, third-party, IoT APIs including Garmin and Apple Health

The results

We helped our client:

  • Secure a partnership with Ironman based on the 2018 World Championship demo of their application
  • Raise a subsequent $3M seed round based on the successful product launch
  • Win important industry recognition in’s Top Digital Design Award
  • Drive 65% of their user base to engage with the application 7 days a week and 100% engaging with the application at least 5 days a week 
  • Continue to innovate on their platform using the flexible core architecture developed by our team
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