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Helping a no-code platform drive billions in enterprise value

Development of the first, third-party built app to kickstart a marketplace for a cloud-based collaboration platform used by over 200,000 organizations around the world.


The Challenge

With their self-serve user base growing like wildfire, our client’s executives saw an opportunity to leverage their bottom-up adoption to close enterprise deals with CIOs knocking at their door; however, their no-code platform lacked the custom integrations needed to unlock organization-wide budgets for these enterprise prospects. Their platform team had their hands full scaling the application core and no time to build additional apps in their nascent marketplace. Seeking to bridge the enterprise gap, their Head of Strategic Projects reached out to SVI as a trusted resource.


The Solution

We worked with our client’s strategic projects and platform teams to design and build their first official third-party marketplace application. This allowed their enterprise clients to connect Atlassian’s JIRA Issue & Project Tracking Software to the no-code platform. In the process, we also helped our client’s platform team lay the API and documentation foundation to release to the public. A wider ecosystem of third party developers emerged as they populated the marketplace with customer specific integrations and customizations.


Our Approach

We worked with our client on:

  • Scoping requirements to meet competing customer stakeholder needs while aligning with the larger business and department strategies
  • Custom UI and UX design 
  • Detailed onboarding education and user journey to ensure self-serve usage
  • Developing a seamless integration with Atlassian’s Jira Issue & Project Tracking Software

The results

We helped our client:

  • Close several of their highest priority enterprise deals based on the new features enabled by our integration - this became the key driver for investor buy in for in their Series E fundraiser
  • Kickstart their third party application marketplace with it’s first third party developed app
  • Launch their public app developer API based on feedback, takeaways, and documentation from our engagement 
  • Gain executive support to invest in their enterprise business line and go-to-market strategy based on our proof of concept
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