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Rex Homes


Real-Time Logistics for Residential Real Estate
Development of an internal logistics application to capture the value and growth of a real estate brokerage.


The Challenge

Our client, an online real estate brokerage, was in the midst of meteoric adoption while averaging a new home listing per day in each of their three major metropolitan locations. They needed to keep up with the current pace of growth in their existing cities and continue the momentum in neighboring areas but faced the challenge of operating with an antiquated system of managing their internal workers through complex chains of phone calls. This system limited their ability for expansion, so our client sought out a partner to help “open the door” for new growth.


The Solution

We worked with our client’s executive team to map out and define clear system boundaries for the internal applications, providing end-to-end product requirements, design, and implementation of the system. In close parallel, we collaborated with their in-house platform team to integrate the mobile application suite with their evolving internal APIs.


Our Approach

We worked with our client on the following:

    Defining clear scope inside complex, changing technical and people operations

    Process mapping to document key operational flows

    Mobile UX design to afford easy input of rich data

    Middleware architecture to robustly manage the integration of a dozen frequently changing APIs

    Offline multimedia data upload and sync for mobile applications


    The Results

    With our help, the client was able to do the following:

      ▪ Seamlessly scale from tens to hundreds of gig workers by utilizing our integrated technology solution, enabling our client to capture the “wind at their back” scaling revenues and organizational efficiency tenfold within a 24-month period

      ▪ Expand to dozens of new metropolitan areas by keeping compliant with local, state, and federal regulations via the app’s built-in internal controls

      ▪ Develop a stable system of record for key customer information that was previously scattered in the organization by using our middleware

      ▪ Improve their internal API architecture, management, and documentation, which enabled company-wide engineering efficiencies through collaboration with our team

      ▪ Increase agent engagement, retention, and effectiveness, resulting in lower wait times for homebuyers through an improved automation process and UX

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