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Drops: New Music First


Predicting the Future of Music
Development of a consumer-facing mobile application where record labels and artists can receive real-time information related to certain demographics and ratings about an unreleased song.


The Challenge

After decades of leading industry-shifting changes, a music industry mogul had an innovative vision for his next project: to empower everyone.

From major record labels to DIY artists, our client had a vision to reach more-informed business decisions by accessing data about the performance of unreleased songs across demographics.

Our client was accompanied by a world-class executive team with an eye for aesthetics and feel that demanded a high standard for bringing the first version of an innovative solution to life.


The Solution

Through a collaborative discovery process, we mined years of hard-earned industry insights. Through discovery workshops and extensive research, we refined a product strategy that aligned with our client’s long-term business goals. The product strategy work transmitted into the design and development of native iOS and Android applications. These applications successfully synced with complex outside data sources and powered a robust backend reporting tool.


Our Approach

We worked with our client on the following:

    A strategic assessment of 360-degree business requirements to define technology and functionality requirements for both consumer and B2B solutions

    Designing and developing robust iOS and Android applications with extensibility to efficiently handle post-launch growth requirements

    User Interviews to accompany application use data that drove a cohesive plan and roadmap for multiple phases of iterative product development


    The Results

    With our help, the client was able to do the following:

      ▪ Power the first organically generated, music-sentiment analysis system for unreleased songs to supply industry professionals with near-real-time data for thousands of songs

      ▪ Work efficiently to launch the first version of the application on the App Store and Play Store exactly 99 days from the project kickoff meeting

      ▪ Improve B2B reporting effectiveness and data validation through the integration of multiple DSP (Spotify) APIs that drove increased user engagement and enhanced user demographics and listening behaviors

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