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Making IoT Retail Hardware “Smart”
Development of an enterprise IoT security device management platform used by three of the five largest Fortune 500 electronics retailers.


The Challenge

A global leader in retail merchandising services, specializing in hardware security and displays, sought innovations that would expand their existing product into new services and markets. Their corporate initiative aimed to launch a new flagship software product to transform their hardware into a smart IoT device with a fully integrated software platform. They hypothesized this initiative would create massive value for their customers by providing real-time connected data insights for their customers. However, their internal hardware and firmware teams lacked expertise in application development.


The Solution

We worked with our client’s nascent software team to design and develop an integrated application platform and suite of customer-facing applications that connected with our client’s low-level IoT protocols managing millions of devices. This included a web application and firm integration core as well as mobile iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and tablet, and custom Linux applications.


Our Approach

We worked with our client on the following:

    Complex mobile UX and UI design to arrange, organize, and display states of millions of devices

    Backend architecture to scale efficiently across thousands of stores

    Low-latency, cross-platform messaging systems to handle time-sensitive security data

    Integration with proprietary software protocols, firmware, and hardware


    The Results

    With our help, the client was able to do the following:

      ▪ Launch their primary go-to-market product line, used by three of the top five electronics retailers, through our developed mobile and web applications

      ▪ Reduce shrinkage (theft) by over 80% across their enterprise retailers through our new mobile and Linux applications, which enabled employee access to electronic devices, saving retailers millions of dollars annually, further strengthening relationships with our client

      ▪ Improve collaboration, communication, and effectiveness between the business executives and in-house software team by adopting SVI’s engagement structure and project methodology

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