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Humor, Seriously


Launching Key Brand-Building and Data Collection Tool with Custom Dev
Designed custom software for a bestselling work culture book, including the brand’s proprietary quiz, landing page, and backend reporting system.


The Challenge

Humor, Seriously and its co-authors—Dr. Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas—have long been a staple of the Silicon Valley business leadership and culture-creating space. To collect data that would shed light on how people use humor and how humor styles change across cultures, and to increase the impact of the research, they wanted to include an interactive element that would lead readers to a proprietary quiz to learn their humor archetype, which aligned with the launch of their book. Humor, Seriously asked Silicon Valley Insight to take the lead on structuring this component preceding the book’s publication.


The Solution

SVI worked with Humor, Seriously to design three distinct deliverables: a proprietary quiz for the humor archetypes, a backend reporting system to manage the numerical factors driving quiz outcomes and collect results, and a landing page to house the quiz as well as redirect to book marketing, author info, and additional resources. SVI structured the larger UX and web development around these outputs, ensuring the entire experience was tied to the larger brand and promoted upsell opportunities such as book orders and speaking engagements. This also included integrating the quiz into Humor, Seriously’s email system in order to add quiz-takers to the larger email list. A custom results PDF readout is delivered to every quiz taker. Additionally, the backend reporting includes custom graphical visuals to analyze details on quiz takers. SVI delivered in full and in under two months.


Our Approach

We worked with our client on the following:

    UI/UX design of the proprietary quiz and quiz landing page functionality to generate an email list

    Product visioning and roadmapping, with the quiz being the first stage of a lead-collection funnel for future marketing and recurring customers

    Development of the web application to support results collection, lead gen, and reporting on the backend

    Ongoing support and maintenance of Humor, Seriously’s custom developed software


    The Results

    With our help, the client was able to do the following:

      ▪ Reach over 50,000 quiz takers and counting, increasing business growth through data collection

      ▪ Build recurring customers with book buyers and website visitors with quiz results leading to additional marketing campaigns

      ▪ Become a national bestseller

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