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Creating Value through a New-Member Onboarding Experience
Digital strategy and implementation for a women-focused coworking space, collective, and club with offices in New York City, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston.


The Challenge

The coworking space needed to evolve its core values and business goals to generate inclusive membership growth as online and in-person spaces gradually reopened from the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially during a time of uncertainty, the reactivation and new onboarding experience needed to take care of existing members while attracting new members in a beautiful and delightful way.


The Solution

We collaborated with the management, marketing, and technical teams to design a solution to reinvigorate and grow the community by improving the online user experience. We designed an end-to-end customer journey plan, showcasing the space’s unique environment and creating a user-friendly sign-up process.


Our Approach

We worked with our client on the following:

    Discovery and documentation of the existing website, applications, and company tools

    Determining the highest-value elements of the onboarding process that align with new company goals and values

    Stakeholder alignment on the company’s mission, vision, values, and user personas

    Onboarding flows and design options to best attract new members

    UI and UX onboarding design to improve user experience and engagement


    The Results

    With our help, the client was able to do the following:

      ▪ Launch a beautiful new-member onboarding process for membership sign-ups, enabling the opening and reopening of five locations in a post-pandemic environment, each accounting for local and state health-regulations

      ▪ Prescribe an end-to-end customer journey structure and plan for building favorable website elements to best attract new members

      ▪ Provide a detailed technical assessment of all company applications with recommendations on how to reduce technical debt

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